What captures your imagination?

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Most of us have heard about Scheherazade, who told a story to safe her life. The sultan is fascinated by her tale, she starts to tell him during the night and she ceases talking in the morning. She so aroused his curiosity and he did not kill her.

BTW: The sultan is convinced, that no woman is faithful because his wife was unfaithful. So he marries a woman today and kills her tomorrow and so on. Scheherazade asks her father, the vizier, to marry her to the king to stop that insanity.

Supported by her sister Scheherazade tells the story for 1001 night and the king listens. During that time she bears three children and he is spellbound. Finally he is convinced by her faithfulness.

This is awesome, isn’t it? What do you think: our marketing and advertising could be a very attractive using storytelling, stories about den entrepreneur, the enterprise, the products, and all imparts knowledge and is educational TV?

Today’s marketing fears to take this step. Anyway, any time has its pioneers. And these pioneers bravely move into this direction and use storytelling as another pillar in marketing.

Scheherazade had to trust the power of her words and her voice. Well looking at the result she was very successful. Today we have even more possibilities to intensify the spoken words, that create the pictures in our heads. We know photos and videos. All together helps us to create our own pictures.

Do you have a picture in your head of your enterprise and about you as an entrepreneur? Do you want to excel from the crowd and follow new paths? Do you want to share your pictures with your customers and business partners? Yes? Please answer to that mail.

Yours sincerely,

Christa Nehls

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