Phase 3 – “To bring up a painful subject”

Here we are, and this phase brings up the painful subject. It hurts. It is important to clarify now:
  • where am I?
  • what are my strains doing to my life?
  • which is my share in these strains?
  • how much am I willig to do for me?
  • how far do I dare to go?
Further on proven Methode were used to define and to solve the issues. We talked about stress before, lets stay with it. In this phase we reached the point to identify the stressors.
Thinking is now needed. What am I willig to do for myself? My skills and L.I.S.A.-Method will create a big bunch of solutions and strategies from which you can choose. I can tell due to my long experience – its easy for me.
Returning to our example “stress”:
    • coping stress using relaxation
    • learn to say NO
    • set Limits and observe them
    • self-awareness