„Ice cream“ – Comfort for the soul

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Recently I had a wonderful phone call with my buddy in Colorado. We know each other for more than 30 year and we enjoy my phone flat rate. And we love to chat along about the old times. Well, not only, we sincerely discuss modern politics.

This very day he said, he remembers one day – 30 years ago – in my home, when we had a look into my refrigerator. And, what did he see: A great variety of ice cream. He said he never could forget this view until today. Honestly? If you have a look into my fridge today, you still find assorted boxes with ice cream… chocolate, stracciatella, pistachio, egg liqueur, cookie and new trials. Okay, not all at once.

Ouch, my ears, I hear the shouting of people who are caring very much for healthy food and who are very figure-conscious. This is my answer: Mother Nature would not have invented fruits and honey, if she did not want us to eat sweet food. In the meantime our society is polarized regarding food. We talk about good food and bad food. Nothing is left in the middle. Most interesting fact: one food product belongs to both sides. Depending on the food directions propagated pineapple is good food on one hand and bad food on the other. Well, nice story, or not?

This eZine is about communication.

When I taught heavily overweighed people in a hospital, I learned about the importance of meals. Meals are socializing events. And they are communication.
So my students asked me: How to
• react when I am invited for meals?
• act at the buffet?
• React when I am offered food that does not fit into my food plan?
• Stand strong and keep track of my new food plan?
These questions derive from former times: a meal was the glue for a family or a small enterprise, a farm, an artisan. Today the exchange of information still happens during the social event “eating with others”. Information is exchanged in the canteen, a business meal is used to prepare or sign contracts, and it is family time. Enjoying meals is a social event and will ever be. It is communication.

So, what? Why not having ice cream with friends – just to communicate. ☺

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