I am a Lame Duck – Confessions of a Loser

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Fuck Up Nights – A New Approach to Openness

I stumbled across Fuck Up, when I searched for a film studio in Munich. This name made me curious! So I surfed for a while, found some meeting announcements, and learned that this movement started in Mexico. Via the newsletter further events were announced, for Germany two or three… Not that much to be excited about. My friend wrote: “Cologne or Recife?” Which one is easier to reach. What decision should we make? After all this research I found a book published by the organization: http://fuckupnights.com

I was fascinated by these Fuck Up Nights? Ooooh, I haven’t told you any details about Fuck Up Nights… pretty simple: It is the art of failure in business and this art is shared openly with the public, this is what Fuck Up Nights are about.

Who dares to admit that (s)he miserably failed? Only very few people do. Or do you have a different point of you on this.

I think, we need a new kind of honesty. We need courage to do some frank talking. We need courage, to accept responsibility for ourselves. We need courage to raise our voice against injustice. We need courage to support others. We need courage to have the guts.

Congratulations to the Fuck Up movement. Entrepreneurs talk about their biggest mistakes and misfortunes. On the website I found an entry that said: “My biggest mistake was my thesis for diploma.” Well, yes… this man built a new inspired business and at the same time he wrote his thesis. He miserably failed doing both at the same time. And this was his conclusion from the experience.

Communication needs the guts to be honest and open AND it is accompanied by appreciation and esteem.




Christa Nehls



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