Communication – More than Words !

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Look in a different direction

Look in a different direction

Look in a different direction

Look in a different direction


I REPEAT! Beware, this is a German woman trying to communicate clearly in English…


How long do we continue pretending not to see, hoping that everything comes to a good end without doing anything? How much has to happen until we dare civil courage? When are we encouraged to stand up for a society worth living? When do we stand up for living in peace together?

A few days ago a picture appeared in the media: a little Syrian boy was washed ashore – dead. As presorted most people watched paralyzed and it took some time until a single person cared for the tiny body. Unfortunately we realize the dimension of a catastrophe (refugees/immigrants) when children die. Seems to be the character of today’s society and culture. I ask myself, is there any necessity for such a bad outcome to wake up. Are we so blunt, that we need extreme stimuli?

I am astonished watching all the initiatives in the Mediterranean Sea. I honor the people who help the boat people here. They put themselves into danger to rescue these refugees – similar to the refugees who risk their life. To maintain such a big ship you need 500,00 USD each month. From Germany started the Sea Watch, a private initiative to the Mediterranean Sea, and other private initiatives.

Decades ago Cap Anamur by Rupert Neudeck rescued the Boat People from Vietnam. This organization still exists Organisation Cap Anamur . They had a lot of legal trouble. Somehow it is forbidden to rescue people and bring them into any harbor.

When do we understand, that in today’s world we experience a Völkerwanderung (mass migration) of incredible dimensions? When do we understand that this world, Mother Earth, was made for all of us? When? The following video shows what happened during the last centuries:

Migrations of th elast centuries found on “the”

Actions (e.g. look away, stand still), pictures, music, lyrics, videos, everything is communication. Posture, gestures and your voice represent the largest part of your communication repertoire.

We have to learn now to use our abilities of communication for a better world, a world where all people live in peace independently of their mindsets and convictions. At last: Pope Francis told all priest’s offices, monasteries and pilgrimage sites in Europe to accommodate a family of refugees.

Peace for all the living beings in this world


Christa Nehls


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